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    Florence is famous all over the world for its unique beauties. To visit the principal beauties in Florence you need at least 4 days.
    For many years Florence has been the cradle of culture and art: many of the most famous artists of the Renaissance were born there and thanks to them thousands of tourists choose Florence for their holidays.
    Florence signifies abundance or wealth; during the middle-age, thanks to the Medici family, became an important economic, cultural and artistic city.
    The artistic patrimony of Florence is among the most important of the world.
    Florence is not only art and museums. The enjoying in Florence never finishes: Theatres, Cinemas, disco clubs, pubs become animated life for all the night.
    The tradition teatrale fiorentina was always considerable, packs to name celebrates it Musical May Fiorentino which attracted downtown even of the famous characters.
    Florence thank you with the great number of buildings and discos succeeds in making amuse and entusiasmare all in unspecified day of the week (especially in the week end) and offers many alternatives to make the small hours in company of friends.
    The offers are varied and enticing; Latin aperitifs, parties house, rates/rhythms, spuntini of midnight, coffee bars, pubs, bars, sexy discos, wine bars and disco clubs.
    Florence features some wonderful Italian restaurants. Not only do they offer great Italian cuisine, many are situated in picturesque piazzas and other attractive locations. The Tuscany cooking is famous for its simple flavours prepares with great attention.
    In passed the difficult living conditions imposed to the Tuscany population to prefer the use of poor alimony as the bread without salt that is present still today with thousand shapes and flavours: in every part of the Tuscany exist vary type of bread, from the tradition to the wheel, from the crostoni to the focacce, from the crushed with the oil to the bread with the ramerino, until arriving to the round loaf with grape. Just the bread is one of the main ingredients of most famous Tuscany prescription like the panzanella (made with bread softened in the water, with vegetables), the pappa al pomodoro (to cook itself with bread, garlic, prezzemolo, basil, salt, oil and tomato), the ribollita (born from the tradition peasant who heated the remainders of the foods already cooked the day before).
    Florence is very famous for the bistecca alla fiorentina, the ribollita, the trippa, the donuts, the schiacciata con l'uva, the cenci, the lampredotto, the fagioli all'uccelletto.
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