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Best Automatic Cat Litter Boxes – (1)

We love our four-legged family members, but when it comes to litter box maintenance and cleaning up after them it can become tedious very quickly – especially if you have a multiple pet household. Working, coming home, and having to include the task of litter box cleaning, again, if you have multiple it becomes even more difficult, can start to pile up.

Electronic and automatic litter boxes take the work out of the cleaning and keep the scents down. They’re great for multiple cats and they pay for themselves in time saved and cleanliness kept. Our guide below will help you find one that works best for you and your pet, taking the guesswork out of how many there are on the market and what’s worth the price.

Our Top Picks

What to look for in automatic cat litter boxes

When it comes to looking for an automatic cat litter box, here are some features to keep in mind:

Size/capacity: This is one of the most important factors that a lot of owners can accidentally leave out. Not all litter boxes are the same size, and this goes for the automatic ones as well, if not more important since they’re enclosed on all sides except for the entrance. If you have a larger cat that has trouble fitting into regular sized large litter box pans, you might want to opt for an automatic litter box that can cater to them fitting in comfortably avoid accidents and they don’t hesitate to use it.

Style: Litter robots and automatic litter boxes have gotten more popular over the last few years and come in many shapes and sizes now that they did not previously. A large circular litter robot isn’t the only design and some are even designed to fit into your home more, such as being hidden in a cupboard style while still doing its job.

Take into account what design or colours you might want and choose accordingly.

Litter compatibility: Automatic litter robots and boxes are typically compatible with many litter types, but some are not as they can get stuck in the machine and break it, causing a very expensive headache and a broken product. Be sure to check with the brand and type of litter you’re using and if it’s compatible with the automatic litter box you’re changing to.

Most only require that it is a clumping litter so that it can sift through correctly. Wood, paper, and non-clumping litters are advised against as they can damage machinery and not work as intended.

Best automatic cat litter boxes

Litter Robot 4 beginner’s package

The Litter Robot from the whiskers store is the most well known automatic self cleaning litter robot on the market and was the first to put out such a design. They’re onto Litter Robot 4, with better updates and changes taken from past models that make it the top tier choice for the best litter robot available on the market.

This beginner bundle comes with the litter robot itself, of course, along with other helpful add-ons such as a litter trapping mat, two OdorTrap pack refills, and 25 waste drawer liners. The patented sifting process automatically separates waste and clean litter, while all you have to do is empty the waste drawer when it’s full. Reducing odors and tracking from litter, the automatic clean cycle and OdorTrap packs significantly reduce odors compared to standard litter boxes and areas. The included litter mat fence will help reduce tracking of litter even further by catching falling litter from your cats paws as they jump out of the box.

An additional and very helpful feature that the Litter Robot 4 comes with is the monitoring and controlling via the Whisker smartphone app. You can monitor waste and litter levels in real time, get health insights, and track your cats weight after each use and monitor over time to keep an eye on your pets. It’s suitable for up to 4 cats, and each cat must weight at least 3lbs (1.4kg) to safely use the litter robot in automatic mode. The litter robot should also never be touching any walls, as it needs space to safely spin and clean itself.

All Litter Robots have an automatic 1-year consumer warranty and there is an extended plan available as well if wanted, to ensure that everything continues running smoothly.

  • Durable.
  • Fits most cats.
  • Has Wi-Fi to check litter levels, health, weights on your cats, and usage stats, etc. from your phone.
  • Comes with litter mat, liners, and more.
  • Expensive.
  • Very large cats may not fit as comfortably in the Litter Robot.

UBPet self-cleaning

For any cats that prefer enclosed litter boxes with doors, this self-cleaning litter box may be just what you need in your home. A 3.6L capacity of waste before it needs to be taken out means less time worrying about litter accumulating quickly. The space itself is 75L around, and works for cats that are 3.3lbs at minimum upwards to 22lbs at the most.

The cat litter capacity should not exceed the line in the box to avoid any accidents or the box not being able to automatically clean itself correctly. The UBPet self-cleaning box has an automatic opening and closing door flap that helps contain bacteria and odors, and ensures no accidents can occur as the sensors make sure there is no cat inside before rotating and cleaning as it works. Deodorizing blocks are available to purchase separately as well to double up on decreasing any odors you don’t want around in your home.

This litter robot is library quiet, as stated by the company itself, operating below 42 dB when it’s cleaning, so no worries about it waking anyone up or being loud in apartment or condo type buildings. The included app for smartphones allows for controlling the litter box at anytime over Wi-Fi, and has real-time monitoring for weight, toilet time, and more so that you can monitor your cats time spent in the litter box and keep an eye on any changes. Anomaly alerts also aid in any timely detection of potential issues.

It has 9 precision sensors and an anti-pinch motor – when a cat enters the litter box, the sensors will detect its presence and will only clean once there is nothing in the box. Cats that are under 3lbs and/or are kittens need to be careful as that is the minimum weight allowed to ensure that the box and sensors work correctly.

  • Self-cleaning.
  • App monitoring.
  • Quiet while in use/cleaning.
  • Not all cats will like the automatic open and close door flap.
  • Cats over 22lbs may not fit in the litter box correctly/comfortably.

RUN.SE Self Cleaning Litter Box

The RUN.SE is another self-cleaning litter box that eliminates the need for cat litter scooping and other cleaning. It’s eco-friendly, cost effective, and eliminates any need for manual scooping and cleaning. It reduces the amount of litter needed and with the frequency of litter changes, it saves you money and benefits the environment, all while keeping your furry feline friends healthier and happier – yourself included, with the litter changes and consistent cleanliness.

It has a quiet running volume and isn’t distracting, like some other automatic self-cleaning litter boxes can be. When self-cleaning, it’s quiet and the design itself is sleek and easy to blend into your home without it being messy or odor off-putting like normal litter box pans. It prioritizes your cats safety and the sensors plus safeties will ensure that your cats are safe and sound while it functions, as it detects your cat inside and will only work to clean once there is nothing inside the cat litter box.

It’s an easy setup and maintenance process, as the removeable components make cleaning a cinch, so you can easily and effortlessly provide your cat with a clean litter box at all times, being hands off for yourself all the time.

  • Quiet and discreet.
  • Good design.
  • Automatic cleaning.
  • Easy set-up and maintenance.
  • May be too small for very large cats.

Furoomate Self Cleaning Litter Box

If you have multiple cats, larger cats, or ones that just prefer and are more comfortable with open top style litter boxes, this self-cleaning litter box by Furoomate may be the one you’re looking for.

The open top self-cleaning litter box is designed with cats comfort in mind, as the spacious top allows your cat to move more freely without feeling too confined like they might with other styles of cleaning litter boxes. It has a bigger usable area than other drum-shaped litter boxes, paired with a large capacity trash bin, it easily accommodates multiple cats and larger sized ones. It can effortlessly manage 3 cats over 5-7 days before the litter waste needs to be changed/taken.

The way it’s designed, the entire box can be cleaned easily as there are no spots that can’t be cleaned and wiped down as needed or if there are any accidents, as it’s made from silicone. 4 weight sensors, 2 infrared sensors, and a protection sensor ensure that whenever a cat approaches or steps onto the cat litter box, it stops operating to ensure the cats safety so that it never runs when it doesn’t run whenever a cat is nearby, which also helps cats get acclimated to the sound and it shouldn’t scare them when they use it.

  • Open-top friendly design.
  • Bigger use drum size.
  • Great for multiple cats and larger cats.
  • Very large cats may not fit, but most seem to.

Neakasa M1 Open-Top Self-Cleaning Litter Box

A different and stylish metallic grey open top design makes this litter box a statement piece on top of being a good and better hygienic experience. It’s self-cleaning and the large sides make it good for larger cats especially so they don’t get uncomfortable or fall. It provides a safety protection environment.

The M1 litter box has a spacious 17” opening that ensures that all cats can fit into this box safely, even for skittish smaller cats that are around 2.2lbs, easily allowing for them to be monitored and stable. The pull and wrap solution has a seamless odor-free experience, just a quick pull securely wraps the trash bag, leaving no traces or unpleasant smells. 10-14 days of scoop-free freedom.

  • Neat different open-top design.
  • Large capacity.
  • Odor free experience.
  • Not all cats will fit or like the design of this box.

PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Another open air self-cleaning litter box design, this one more similar to regular cat litter boxes. The only caveat is that it uses crystal litter and cannot accommodate clay or clumping litter.

Low tracking crystal litter is 99% dust-free and generally helps with sticking to cats paws. Disposable trays have plastic liners that help against leaking and keep your floors clean, as you can simply remove the tray and throw it away – and they each include a lid for quick disposal. Health counter keeps track of how often your cat uses the litter box. This litter box tends to be best for a one cat household or two smaller cats, as the waste disposal can end up being a lot if you have a multi-cat house that has them going often and considering that you have to throw away the trays themselves, it can pile up.

Some cats like crystal cat litter and some can’t stand it, so this also works great for the ones that are already acclimated to it and like using it on a daily basis, as this just makes cleaning easier for you and it makes it less stressful for them as well when switching to this litter box.

  • Open air design.
  • Self-cleans/sifts.
  • Monitor cats health at a glance.
  • Some cats might not like crystal litter.
  • Only supports their crystal litter and not clumping or clay litter.

Our Methodology

For this article we took into account budgets, designs, sizes, and top user reviews to ensure that the products we chose are the best available in Canada for users and finding what will work best for them and their feline family members.

Everything about automatic self cleaning cat litter boxes

Are automatic litter boxes worth it?

Yes, they can be and are typically touted as being worth their price tags. It takes the work and time out of scooping cat litter every day or every other day, and if you have any health issues, allergies, and etc. it can help with that as well without you having to lift a finger.

Do they work for every cat?

Yes! Most litter robots will work for every cat, even skittish and scared ones – they just may need more time to get adjusted to their new litter box. Larger cats may find themselves too cramped in smaller models, so be sure to always get a litter box model that suits your cats needs and size as well – and be patient!

How do I get my cat adjusted to the new litter box?

Cats can take awhile to get adjusted to automatic litter boxes as it’s a new thing for them. As with all things, it may take a bit of time and patience, especially if you have a skittish cat that doesn’t like new noises. Automatic litter robots have fail safes to ensure that it doesn’t run when there is a cat nearby/inside of course, but the rotation sounds may make them wary at first until they get used to the sound.

A good adjustment tip is to add some old litter in with new litter so that they associate the machine with being their new litter box and to keep an old one around until they get used to the new one.

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