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Myrto new Spending time with dogs can never be enough 3526, Utrecht Hey pet parent! I’m Myrto, I’m 28 years old and I can’t wait to take care of your furry friends. I’m a dog parent since 2015. my dog is ...

From €10 Per walk

Rachel new Huisdierenliefhebber hartje Utrecht 3511, Utrecht Hi daar! Mijn naam is Rachel en ik ben 29 jaar oud. Als ervaren dierenliefhebber in Utrecht, voel ik me helemaal thuis bij honden en katten. Op dit ...

From €5 Per walk

From €16 Per walk

Vic Honden zijn lief 3515, Utrecht 5.0 • 26 reviews 5 repeat guests Hallo! Honden zijn top. Groot of klein, rashond of vuilnisbakje, allemaal even leuk. Bij mijn ouders hadden we vroeger altijd een hond, maar nu niet ...

From €5 Per walk

Anouk new Oppas (en uitlaat) voor honden en katten 3566, Utrecht Hallo, ik ben Anouk, 23 jaar en woon/studeer in Utrecht. Ik pas met liefde op je huisdier, ga wandelen en geef de nodige verzorging. Ik heb zelf ...

From €8 Per walk

Calendar updated this week

Nevra 31 mei t/m 6 juni BESCHIKBAAR: zie beschrijving! 3541, Utrecht 4.9 • 18 reviews 7 repeat guests "Nevra heeft onze Daley goed verzorgd en uitgelaten. We kregen zelfs 2 leuke foto’s!Volgende keer zeker weer als we haar nodig hebben..." Lives with 1 European Shorthair

From €10 Per walk

Maud new Hondenoppas met alle tijd voor jouw viervoeter! 3581, Utrecht Hoi! Ik ben Maud, 25 jaar en woon in Utrecht (Oudwijk). Ik ben altijd al gek geweest op alle soorten dieren, maar honden blijven mijn favoriet. Als ...

From €5 Per walk

Habip Love animals and want some around :) 3544, Utrecht 5.0 • 8 reviews 7 repeat guests "Habip is very friendly to dog and owner. Kili really likes him. And I have no worries leaving Kili at Habip. When the NS was having problems, it was..."

From €15 Per walk

Laura Grote dieren fan! 3543, Utrecht Vanaf kleins af aan hebben we thuis altijd huisdieren gehad, honden en katten, groot en klein. Sommige waren ook zwerfdieren, hierdoor heb ik ook wat ...

From €8 Per walk

Calendar updated this week

Jeannette Passionate dog carer 🐕🐾 3992, Houten 5.0 • 1 review "Jeannette en haar man doen dit vanuit liefde voor de dieren; dat is duidelijk! Onze Joke was direct op haar gemak en heeft het fijn gehad. Tot de..."

From €6 Per walk

Calendar updated this week

Deborah Liefdevol oppasplekje in Nieuwegein 3437, Nieuwegein "Deborah is een betrouwbare, aandachtige en liefdevolle dieren oppas. Ze zal voor je (huis)dier zorgen met veel aandacht en alsof het haar eigen..."

From €8 Per walk

Liset Honden (en katten) liefhebber in Utrecht 3531, Utrecht Hoi! Ik ben Liset. Mijn hele jeugd ben ik omringd geweest met huisdieren, van vogels, kleine knaagdieren tot katten, ik ben dan ook een grote ...

From €8 Per walk

From €8 Per walk

Denis Dog and cat friend at your service! 3553, Utrecht Hey! My name is Denis and I have been an animal friend all my life. Before giving my attention to my own cat and dog, I was always tending to the ...

From €12 Per walk

Nicole Doglover opzoek naar wandelmaatje 3551, Utrecht Hi hondeneigenaar, Ik ben Nicole, ben 32 jaar en woon in Utrecht. Damen met mijn dwergteckel :) maar daarnaast lijkt het mij super leuk om ook ... Lives with 1 Miniature Wire-Haired Dachshund

From €15 Per walk

Calendar updated this week

Roberto Italian couple loving dogs 3533, Utrecht 5.0 • 1 review "Roberto and Sara are very nice people who know about dogs. they are pleasant in communication, keep their agreements and were very kind to our dog..."

From €20 Per walk

Michelle Enthousiaste hondenoppas in Utrecht! 3526, Utrecht 5.0 • 6 reviews 2 repeat guests "Michelle heeft een natuurlijke touch met honden. Evi was meteen dol op..."

From €13 Per walk

Nicole Liefdevol, geduldig,betrouwbaar, verantwoordelijk 4133, Vianen Ik heb altijd al een speciale band gehad met honden en geniet van hun gezelschap en speelsheid. Ik ben beschikbaar om bij mij thuis op te passen, ...

From €10 Per walk

Mandy Iedereen zegt altijd mandy kwijt, zoek de dieren!! 3431, Nieuwegein Hallo allemaal,Ik ben hou enorm van dieren. Ik kan geen wereld bedenken zonder hun. Als je verdrietig bent komen ze je troosten en knuffelen, als ...

From €20 Per walk

Annabel Ik heb een passie en liefde voor dieren. 4142, Leerdam 5.0 • 2 reviews 1 repeat guest "We zijn heel blij met hoe Annabel voor onze twee katten heeft gezorgd tijdens de vakantie! Ze is betrouwbaar en reageert snel als je vragen hebt..."

From €15 Per walk

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en Myrto new , Utrecht From €10 Per walk en Rachel new , Utrecht From €5 Per walk en Kyra , Utrecht 5.0 • 14 reviews From €16 Per walk en Vic , Utrecht 5.0 • 26 reviews From €5 Per walk en Anouk new , Utrecht From €8 Per walk en Nevra , Utrecht 4.9 • 18 reviews From €10 Per walk en Maud new , Utrecht From €5 Per walk en Habip , Utrecht 5.0 • 8 reviews From €15 Per walk en Laura , Utrecht From €8 Per walk en Jeannette , Houten 5.0 • 1 review From €6 Per walk en Deborah , Nieuwegein From €8 Per walk en Liset , Utrecht From €8 Per walk en Lois , Utrecht 5.0 • 1 review From €8 Per walk en Denis , Utrecht From €12 Per walk en Nicole , Utrecht From €15 Per walk en Roberto , Utrecht 5.0 • 1 review From €20 Per walk en Michelle , Utrecht 5.0 • 6 reviews From €13 Per walk en Nicole , Vianen From €10 Per walk en Mandy , Nieuwegein From €20 Per walk en Annabel , Leerdam 5.0 • 2 reviews From €15 Per walk

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Dog Walking in Nieuwegein | Petbnb (2024)


How do you answer a dog walker interview question? ›

Candidates must be capable of handling different kinds of dog behavior, so previous experience working or owning a dog is preferred. In an interview, you should be ready to discuss your background with dogs, passion for working outside, and willingness to walk rain or shine."

How much to charge for a 30 minute walk? ›

On average, a walk of 15 to 30 minutes costs somewhere between $15 and $25. A walk of 45 to 60 minutes costs between $30 and $40 on average.

How much should I get paid to walk a dog? ›

See how Time To Pet can help your business!

Dog walkers typically charge between $20 and $30 for a 30-minute dog walking service. The average cost across the US for a 30-minute dog walking service is $24.84 in 2022. Want to see other service durations?

What happens when you don't walk your dog enough? ›

Behavioral problems, and especially destructive behavior, are commonly a result of not getting enough exercise. Many dogs, especially high-energy breeds, become bored and frustrated if they don't get enough outdoor exercise and mental stimulation.

How do you ace a walk-in interview? ›

How can you prepare for a walk-in interview?
  1. Research the company and position. You can research the company to understand where you're applying. ...
  2. Update your resume. ...
  3. Bring identification. ...
  4. Time the route. ...
  5. Show promptness and patience. ...
  6. Express gratitude. ...
  7. Describe what makes you unique. ...
  8. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Aug 10, 2023

How much should I charge for an hour walk with a dog? ›

$10 – $35 Per Walk

Dog walkers charge an average of $20 per 30-minute walk, with prices ranging between $10 and $35. Hourly rates typically cost $30 to $60 depending on your location, but overall you'll pay $0.50 to $1 per minute to have your dog(s) walked, no matter how long the walk is.

Is a 20 minute walk good enough? ›

There are plenty of sources, reports and recommendations pointing to walking as an easy way to increase levels of physical activity. And most experts will agree that adding between 20 and 30 minutes of exercise to your daily routine is a good place to start.

How much is one hour of walking? ›

“An hour of walk is somewhere equivalent to 5,500-6,500 steps, depending upon the speed of walking.

Is dog walking good money? ›

Becoming a dog walker is undoubtedly a viable business venture to consider if you're passionate about dogs. Not only is dog walking in high demand, but the business also has a relatively low barrier to entry and is highly profitable, although it does come with its own risks.

How to earn money dog walking? ›

One option is joining a company that provides pet sitting or dog walking services. Another option is to establish yourself as a freelance dog walker by setting up your own local company. Dog walking can provide an enjoyable, flexible way to make money for anyone who loves animals.

Do dog walkers get tips? ›

You should tip your Pet Caregiver anywhere from 10% to 25% of the overall cost of a service, just as you would with any other service job. You could even tip more than 25% if your dog walker, sitter, or boarder has gone above and beyond.

How do I know if I'm walking my dog enough? ›

Just like humans, your dog needs to get enough exercise to keep healthy and maintain an appropriate weight. You can generally know when your dog is lacking exercise when he or she becomes bored, lethargic, or frustrated. This can manifest itself as destructive behavior or aggression.

Why shouldn't you walk your dog every day? ›

Stressed, fearful and anxious dogs often benefit greatly from rest days. Some may skip one or two daily walks per week, and other may need a period without any walks to decompress and prepare for the next step in their process of psychological healing.

What's the best time to walk a dog? ›

However, in general, early morning and late afternoon are considered the best times to walk a dog. In the early morning, before it gets too hot, the weather is usually cooler and more pleasant. In addition, many dogs are full of energy after a good night's rest and are ready to go for a walk and explore.

How do you describe dog walking on a resume? ›

Work experience

Provided companionship and energetic walks for pets, while efficiently organizing daily schedules. Ensured the care and feeding of dogs, while also handling client payments. Refreshed water and provided individualized attention to each dog.

Why do you want to work as a dog walker? ›

"I want to be a dog walker because I believe in the importance of health and wellness. I love the active lifestyle that comes along with a dog walking career, for both myself and the animals. I have great respect for all of my clients that seek out my services.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a dog walker? ›

Dog Walker Job Responsibilities and Duties
  • Walks dogs as scheduled.
  • Plans walking routes.
  • Disposes of dog waste.
  • Observes pets' behavior.
  • Takes dogs to the veterinarian in case of emergencies.
  • Reports any concerning issues to clients.

How would you describe a good dog walker? ›

Passionate dog walkers take pride in what they are doing, and it shows in the dogs they walk. They take the time to know as much about their four-legged clients as possible, including each dog's birthday as well as favorite treats.


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