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@inproceedings{Mihajlovi2003OnRA, title={On Region Algebras, XML Databases, and Information Retrieval}, author={Vojkan Mihajlovi{\'c} and D. Hiemstra and Peter M. G. Apers}, year={2003}, url={https://api.semanticscholar.org/CorpusID:14140612}}
  • V. Mihajlović, D. Hiemstra, P. Apers
  • Published 2003
  • Computer Science

This paper describes some new ideas on developing a logical algebra for databases that manage textual data and support information retrieval functionality. We describe a first prototype of such a

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Region Algebras (opens in a new tab)Xml Document The Extensible Markup Language (opens in a new tab)

Utilizing Structural Knowledge for Information Retrieval in XML Databases
    V. MihajlovićD. HiemstraH. E. BlokP. Apers

    Computer Science

  • 2005

In this paper we address the problem of immediate translation of eXtensible Mark-up Language (XML) information retrieval (IR) queries to relational database expressions and stress the benefits of

  • 2
  • PDF
The TIJAH XML-IR system at INEX 2003
    J. ListV. MihajlovićD. VriesG. RamírezD. Hiemstra

    Computer Science

  • 2003

This paper discusses the participation in INEX (the Initiative for the Evaluation of XML Retrieval) using the TIJAH XML-IR system, and a preliminary analysis of the evaluation results of the submitted runs.

  • 34
  • PDF
Proceedings of the Joint Workshops on Xml, Ir, and Db Extending the Xml Fragment Model to Support Querying Over
    David CarmelY. Maarek ChengXiang Zhai

    Computer Science

  • 2004

This work discusses how the original XML Fragments model can be extended to query annotated documents with possibly overlapping annotations and illustrates the approach with examples of queries over annotated Documents generated in the context of IBM’s Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) framework.

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CIRQuL - Complex Information Retrieval Query Language
    V. Mihajlović

    Computer Science

    VLDB PhD Workshop

  • 2003

The extension for existing query languages (XPath and XQuery) geared toward ranked information retrieval and full-text search in XML documents are described and the ultimate goal of the research is described.

  • 1
  • Highly Influential
  • PDF
EÆcient Relational Storage and Retrieval of XML Documents
    A. SchmidtM. KerstenMenzo WindhouwerF. Waas

    Computer Science

This paper presents a data and an execution model that allow forcient storage and retrieval of XML documents in a relational database and provides clear and intuitive semantics, which facilitates the creation of a declarative query algebra.

  • 243
  • PDF
Retrieval activities in a database consisting of heterogeneous collections of structured text
    F. Burkowski

    Computer Science

    SIGIR '92

  • 1992

The overall design emphasizes: a) interface flexibility for a variety of search and browsing capabilities, b) the modular independence of the interface with respect to its underlying retrieval engine, and c) the advantages to be accrued by defining retrieval commands using operators that are part of a text algebra that provides a sound theoretical foundation for the database.

  • 86
A Performance Evaluation of Alternative Mapping Schemes for Storing XML Data in a Relational Database
    D. FlorescuDonald Kossmann

    Computer Science

  • 1999

This paper studies how XML data can be stored and queried using a standard relational database system and presents alternative mapping schemes to store XML data in a relational database and discusses how XML-QL queries can be translated into SQL queries for every mapping scheme.

  • 270
An Algebra for Structured Text Search and a Framework for its Implementation
    C. ClarkeG. CormackF. Burkowski

    Computer Science, Mathematics

    Comput. J.

  • 1995

A query algebra is presented that expresses searches on structured text that permits queries that harness document structure and manipulates arbitrary intervals of text, which are recognized in the text from implicit or explicit markup.

  • 215
  • PDF
Nested text-region algebra
    Jani Jaakkola

    Computer Science

  • 1999

It is shown that any xed nested region algebra expression on text of length n can be evaluated in the worst case in time O(n 2), and in practice in linear time, which makes it suitable for querying without any prepro-cessing documents.

  • 35
Soft evaluation of Boolean search queries in information retrieval systems
    C. Paice


  • 1984

La logique booleenne est le support le plus courant a la formulation des questions lors d'une recherche automatisee. Ses performances sont evaluees, sur des donnees mathematiques et logiques, en

  • 81
Introduction to Database Systems
    B. Desai

    Computer Science

  • 1990

This chapter addresses the first issue: the significance of database systems.

  • 1,968
  • PDF
Language models for information retrieval
    D. Hiemstra

    Computer Science

    Proceedings 19th International Conference on Data…

  • 2003

This work briefly reviews the major variations of the language model approach and how they have been used to develop a range of retrieval-related language technologies, including cross-lingual IR and distributed search.

  • 415
Extended Boolean information retrieval
    G. SaltonE. FoxHarry Wu

    Computer Science


  • 1983

A new, extended Boolean information retrieval system is introduced which is intermediate between the Boolean system of query processing and the vector processing model, and Laboratory tests indicate that the extended system produces better retrieval output than either the Boolean or thevector processing systems.

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