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  • Diego Cyborg CY-001 · William Diego · Personal Log

  • This is Edward Diego from TriOptimum. The charges against you are severe, but they could be dismissed if you perform a service. Who knows, there might even be a military-grade neural interface in it for you, if you do the job right.Edward Diego Edward Diego was the Vice President of Citadel Station, an executive of TriOptimum Corporation and the secondary antagonist of System Shock. After siding with SHODAN he got converted into a Cyborg. ... Dear TriOp, please send some more people to investiga

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  • Edward Diego is the secondary antagonist of the 1994 cyberpunk sci-fi game System Shock and its 2023 Remake. He is a corrupt executive member of TriOptimum ...

  • Oscar, guess what? I'm under investigation, so shred what you've got. Shred it all, got that? Now get this: The logs of the experiments are protected by some program called SHODAN, so I picked up some hacker who's going to crack it for us. That gives me access for the robos and the other systems on the station, so we've got a shield if they try and dust me. Sit tight baby, it's under control.Edward Diego on his plot to control Citadel Station A TriOp security team just tried to land at bay 6. Th

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4. Edward Diego (Character) - Giant Bomb

  • Overview In the year 2072, at the time of the events depicted in System Shock, Edward Diego was the Vice President of Marketing for TriOptimum Corporation.

  • TriOptimum's corporate Vice President at the time of the infamous Citadel Station incident, Edward Diego masterminded the release of SHODAN's ethical constraints as part of an attempted cover-up, only to later become her greatest cyborg enforcer.

5. How to Defeat Edward Diego's Final Form - System Shock [2023] Guide

  • Jun 25, 2023 · The best combo for this is the Plasma Rifle and the Railgun. When entering the room, bait Diego into firing his missiles at you then dodge out ...

  • While exploring Security during System Shock's campaign, a familiar face will return for one last showdown with The Hacker. Edward Diego will confront you

6. System Shock (Remake) - Maybe a useable exploit for second Diago fight

  • I was just doing my first play through of System Shock Remake, was getting up to the second encounter with Diego outside the escape pod.

  • View System Shock (Remake) speedruns, leaderboards, forums and more on

7. Thread: How do you kill Diego Cyborg-Level 8 - TTLG

  • Jan 12, 2008 · The best and easiest way of killing Diego and the mutated cyborgs that show up alongside him is to use a combination of Laser Rapier + Berserk ...

  • I killed one of these back on level 5 or 6, using grenades where I was able to open and close a door and each time lob in a grenade. This time the cyborg suddenly appears and so far I haven't been able to kill him before getting killed myself. I'm too close to use a grenade. Tried it once or twice and got killed in the process. Also used just about all my weapons and so far no luck. What weapon will kill this Diego cyborg? I'm at level 8, item 25 in the Official Hint Book. Any and all

8. Captain Diego(Spoilers) -

  • Mar 26, 2011 · The change is upon me. But the path is more glorious than we imagined. It does not stop at a mere single mutation... the form I've been promised ...

  • So on the Rickenbocker when you find Diego he says he had the Auto doc cut out the many worm so was he a hybrid or not because if the parasite was inside him then it hadent attached itself to his head turning him in to one of many but his corpse looks like that of a hybrid because the chest cavity

9. William Bedford Diego (Character) - Giant Bomb

  • Known as the Hero of the Battle of Boston Harbor, Captain William Bedford Diego, son of System Shock's Edward Diego, is one of the primary supporting ...

  • Known as the Hero of the Battle of Boston Harbor, Captain William Bedford Diego, son of System Shock's Edward Diego, is one of the primary supporting characters in System Shock 2.

10. Edward DIEgo Achievement in System Shock |

  • May 21, 2024 · Edward DIEgo is an achievement in System Shock. It is worth 30 points and can be received for: Killed Edward Diego.

  • Edward DIEgo is an achievement in System Shock. It is worth 30 points and can be received for: Killed Edward Diego

System Shock Diego (2024)


What happened to Diego in System Shock? ›

Diego attempting to convince the people on Citadel Station to join SHODAN. Unfortunately, killing his own crew was not enough for SHODAN, who converted him into a powerful cyborg so that he could be more useful and "beautiful". He was eventually killed by the Hacker.

How do you beat Diego in System Shock? ›

If you want to take him out with the Laser Rapier, the tactic is to use a Berserk stim before entering the room, throw an EMP to stun him and then equip the Laser Rapier and attack with everything you have. If you get just lucky enough, you should fell him in five or six blows, ending the fight early.

Who voices Edward Diego in System Shock? ›

In System Shock, Edward Diego's human image is a scanned photo of Edward (Ned) Lerner, one of the co-founders of Blue Sky Productions (later LookingGlass Technologies and Looking Glass Studios). Edward Diego's Audio Logs were voiced by Austin Grossman, one of the game's artists and designers.

Why did Shodan turn evil? ›

Shortly after a computer hacker removes SHODAN's ethical constraints in order to hasten its work on a mutagenic virus, she believes herself a god and takes control of the station, killing most of the crew and using the virus to turn the survivors into her minions.

How did Shodan survive? ›

Shodan did return in the game's sequel, System Shock 2, but only because The Hacker jettisoned Beta Grove, ensuring that part of her consciousness survived by living in the pod's network.

What does level security do in system shock? ›

Cameras and computer nodes form 'level security', of which the main effect in-game is to lock certain doors, and it's also tied in to the enemy respawn system; get level security to 0 and no more respawns.

How do you get to level 7 in system shock? ›

Solve the puzzle to open the iris door. Take the Elevator to Level 6 and go to Level 7 from there.

How do you beat dueling Diego? ›

He can be defeated by repeated hits, but it takes more than 100 hits. The much more effective way is to get him to run into a falling stalactite. Consider how far Roberto stands from Diego when he retreats.

Who was the voice of Diego? ›

Ice Age (2002) - Denis Leary as Diego - IMDb.

Who voice acted Diego in Ice Age? ›

Voiced byDenis Leary (films, specials and video games) Rick Pasqualone (in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (video game)) Tim Nordquist (in Ice Age: Arctic Blast) Skyler Stone (in The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild)
In-universe information
4 more rows

Who did Diego Luna voice? ›

2018–20193Below: Tales of ArcadiaKrel Tarron (voice)
2020Wizards: Tales of Arcadia
Home Movie: The Princess BrideInigo Montoya
Pan y CircoHimself (host)
18 more rows

What does SHODAN call you? ›

Throughout our journey the so-called machine mother "goddess" SHODAN constantly belittles us by using the term "insect" as an insult and an all-purpose symbol of organic inferiority and insignificance.

Is SHODAN still alive? ›

Also, SS2 SHODAN died at the end of the second game, and was only able to pass on her new self-unto Rebecca Siddons due to not having any interference with The Many in stopping her third self from assimilating Rebecca, meaning the SHODAN we see at the end of 2 isn't really the SHODAN from Beta Grove.

What does SHODAN stand for? ›

Shodan (Sentient Hyper-Optimised Data Access Network) is a search engine designed to map and gather information about internet-connected devices and systems.

Who will voice Diego Brando? ›

Takehito Koyasu (子安 武人, Koyasu Takehito) is a Japanese voice actor who is most notably known for voicing the characters Dio Brando, Diego Brando, Diego Brando from Another Universe, and Heaven Ascension DIO in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Who voices Edward? ›

In the Japanese version of Fullmetal Alchemist's anime adaptations, Edward has been voiced by Romi Park. In the English version, the role has been played by Vic Mignogna.

Who voices Edward Pierce? ›

Anthony Howell: Edward Pierce.

Who voices Edward Kelley in Nioh? ›

He is voiced by Nicholas Boulton when speaking English and by Hiroyuki Kinosh*ta when speaking Japanese.


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